the analog music monografy
Vintage Synthesizers Made in Italy
Music for Crumar Composer Mix DemoTrack
Born in 1996... Reborn in 2017
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9 tracks, total time: 30:03
Live multitracks recording with Zoom R8 in flat, same for Cubase LE5 for mixing.
(.wav format, 44.100 khz, 16 bit)
√∑front label. (278Mb .zip file)
The Crumar Composer is an italian analog paraphonic synth. You can combining all 4 instruments sections (solo synth, poly synth, organ and strings) for create interesting unique sound.
CEM chip to VCA, Filters and Envelope. Less than 500 produced.
Played with italian sound only:
Crumar Composer - the synthesizer
Montarbo DREV 128 - the direct effects
Gem Drum 15 - waves samples on IDrum
Born in 1996... Reborn in 2017
VSMI Project by Daniele Marziali
beta version